Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Episode on T-Shirt Printing

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Video is finally out!

This exclusive video features Xiaxue at Ministry of Print where she learns how to professionally print her T-shirt. Clicknetwork.tv did a great job putting this together 🙂

check out http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=1&p=8&v=813 for more details. You stand to win a T-Shirt personally printed by Xiaxue and $50 Ministry of Print voucher!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″ video_id=”1BGLe9fuhV4″]

Part 1 of the video: Comparison between Silkscreen printing and Digital Transfer

Part 2 of the video: The process of creating the Silkscreen Template which involves:
1) coating of emulsion on silkscreen board
2) Burning of Silkscreen Board
3)Washing of silkscreen board

Part 3 of the video: The process of printing the T-Shirt using Silkscreen Ink

Part 4: Competition Details

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