Unique Corporate Gift Ideas In 2020

Unique corporate gift ideas are usually considered and given as a token of appreciation to clients, staff, or even business partners without any obligation. Certain large organizations also have policies in place to give gifts to their employees. 

To make things easier for you, Ministry of Print has put together a list of corporate gift ideas that will make your clients and team feel special. We are a corporate gift printing services in Singapore specialized in customizing your corporate gift ideas to make it memorable. 

Are Lifestyle Products Perfect For Corporate Gift Ideas?

Your unique lifestyle is what sets you apart from everyone else and gives you a different outlook. As you grew up, you tend to look differently, dress uniquely, and even behave differently. So you will find that lifestyle item make you feel different and allow you to stand out in a crowd. Now, who doesn’t wish to be known as the cool kid in the area? 

As you grow older, these differences stick with you and give you the desire to own the latest stuff available to stay cool and in style. Hence, gifting unique Lifestyle corporate gifts to your staff and customers would be a great idea as they will relate to it. 

Types Of Lifestyle Corporate Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best lifestyle corporate gifts that our corporate gift printing Company in Singapore offers. 

Sports Towel:

Most individuals these days hardly have enough time to work out after their busy schedules. The best way to stay fit and healthy is by taking a short jog daily to keep yourself active. For instance, this not only reduces the stress levels but also keeps you healthy. 

Gifting this sports towel, which serves as a handy item, works great as you jog around. It also shows that you care about your staff’s health. 

Mini Capsule Umbrella:

Likewise, no one wishes to carry bulk things around, a bulky umbrella is not handy, and umbrellas are essential items for individuals living in Singapore. Also, with the weather that keeps changing from sunny to rainy real quick, having an umbrella in hand is beneficial. 

This mini capsule umbrella is small and easily fits into most handbags. For example, male employees can fit them perfectly into their laptop bags. Gifting this item will keep your employees from getting drenched or waiting for the rain to stop before they can get to work.

Mugs and Tumblers:

Individuals commonly use plastic items in a corporate environment. For example, with the urge to save the planet, we are gradually moving towards environment-friendly and reusable products. 

Opting for bamboo fiber tumblers are more practical and works as a great gift idea. So it comes in different shades with high-quality finishing and saves your wallet from grabbing mugs of coffee from the café down the lane. In addition, gifting vacuum flasks or reusable water bottles are other eco-friendly options available. 


In conclusion, the biggest challenge in selecting a lifestyle gift is to find a balance between ease of use and functionality. Hence, to help refine your endless corporate gifting options, we at MOP have organized things ranging from business cardholders to travel accessories to soft toysThese unique lifestyle gift items such as t-shirts and caps and your corporate logo on it will have a huge impact on your brand image. 

Meanwhile, find out the simple rules for picking out the perfect corporate gifts for your clients!


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