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Neon Drifit T-shirts

One of the top favourite chosen apparel by our large clientele is the Neon Drifit Roundneck T-shirts that we offer. Here is how it looks like when printed: Why do people prefer to have Neon Drifit Roundneck T-shirts? It’s simply because they are striking, colourful and make a statement out there. During major events like […]

Why choose T-shirt advertising?

You’ll probably throw on a T-shirt on a slack day to school or a boyfriend t-shirt when heading to bed but I bet you didn’t know T-shirts are a good way of advertising as well! T-shirts are more than just comfort wear. Also, the first thing  you notice about others is what they are wearing. […]

T-shirt printing: How are T-shirts printed?

Check out how your t-shirts are printed! 1. Your design submitted will be converted into a negative transparency which will then be placed on our silkscreen frame. How a silkscreen frame looks like   Creating the stencil 2. A layer of photosensitive emulsion will be applied on the silkscreen frame. Applying a layer of emulsion on the silkscreen frame   3. […]

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