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One day, we had a group of customers who came in and asked if we could fulfil their order of 50 pieces of t-shirts with a turnaround time of one day. Of course we could. Digital Transfer sample

The t-shirts were for a wedding for one of their family members. To commemorate the wedding, all the family members donned the nicely printed t-shirts with the faces of the groom and bride.

Digital Transfer sample-2

If you have a family t-shirt you wish to print, especially if you wish to include pictures or photographs, digital transfer is often the chosen type of printing as it is fast, vibrant and detailed. With digital transfer, you are able to print the fine details of the photos, with no colour limit.

We are very happy to have fulfilled our customers’ order and also would like to wish them a very blessed and and blissful marriage.

Recently, family t-shirts have been in high demand as families wish to have a form of identity when they go for activities such as picnics or outings. Hence, we’ve received a lot of requests to print family t-shirts, the largest order being a family made up of 200 over members! With your very own printed family t-shirts, it creates a sense of identity and closeness between the family members during outdoor activities.

The weekends are coming, are you spending time with your family? We are, and we hope you enjoy your family time. Have a pleasant weekend, everyone!


The MOP team



Happy-Chinese-New-Year-ecardHere’s wishing a very Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all our valued customers and business partners. Please note that MOP will be closed from the 30th Jan (half day) to the 4th Feb. Business will resume on the 5th of February, Wednesday.

What is Chinese New Year without yummy festive goodies such as the ever so popular pineapple tarts?  But before you start munching on these sinful snacks, check out the calories in the different snacks you’ll see while visiting your friends and relatives.

chinese NY calories

It’s okay, we can always eat first, think later.

We chanced upon the very talented designer, Eileen Kwa’s illustrations on the web and thought it would be a good idea to have the festive goodies printed on some t-shirts. Check them out:


pineapple tart t-shirtlove letters

*all illustrations belong to Ms Eileen Kwa from http://eileenkwa.tumblr.com*

Aren’t they cute? Have a happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the new year bring you lots of good health, prosperity and happiness.

Please note that MOP will be closed from the 30th Jan (half day) to the 4th Feb. Business will resume on the 5th of February, Wednesday.


The MOP team.

There can never be a time when t-shirt goes out of style. You can wear t-shirts to schools, to work, to play and even to sleep. Now that it’s the summer season (not that it matters a lot in Singapore since it is summer all year round which gives you even more reason to wear t-shirts!), t-shirts will be a preferred choice of light clothing due to the hot and humid weather.

Whether it’s a basic single-colour, collared style, or with sequins, mirrors and glitter as embellishments, this is the season to wear the t-shirts. Even major commercial brands such as Ed Hardy, Dior, Mango and Armani Exchange produce t-shirts for sale. In fact, t-shirts are one of their methods to reach out to consumers as they are slightly more affordable than branded high-end clothing.

Corporate Apparelmango t-shirt

At Ministry of Print, things get even better! You can have your own customised design on your t-shirts whether it is for a corporate event, a school event or just a party. Groups of friends frequent our company to have their clique t-shirts printed, not just for school class t-shirts! T-shirt printing at Ministry of Print is ensured with close coordination with our clients in order to produce their desired t-shirts within their stipulated datelines. It gives us a sense of achievement when we see the smiles on our customers’ faces when they received their customised t-shirts. To know that your customers like what they see and received, that is what makes our job fulfilling.

Want to print your very own t-shirts? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team at 6253 0106 or drop us an email at [email protected]

P/s: Do note that minimum quantity is 10 pieces!:)

We had a great time teaching Xiaxue how to silkscreen her t-shirt. She will be giving one t-shirt that she personally printed to a lucky viewer. Stay tuned to the Episode at http://www.clicknetwork.tv/ where Xiaxue comes to Ministry of Print!

You’ll probably throw on a T-shirt on a slack day to school or a boyfriend t-shirt when heading to bed but I bet you didn’t know T-shirts are a good way of advertising as well! T-shirts are more than just comfort wear. Also, the first thing  you notice about others is what they are wearing. A humble T-shirt can serve as an affordable form of advertising tool. It not only costs lesser than a print advertisement, it is also mobile (because people wearing it walk around) and also have a longer lifespan.

One of the most common types of using T-shirts as part of an overall branding tactic would be through staff uniform. Staff uniform not only makes your workers look smart and more professional, it also increases your credibility as a whole.

Let’s see how people from all over the world have used T-shirts as a form of advertising:


This T-shirt was worn by sales personnel of Eu Yan Sang and mailed to their prospective customers as free gifts to promote their new hair product launch.


This creative T-shirt was given out to new interns of an advertising agency in New York. No wonder they belong to the creative industry!

Look what the amazing Fedex team came up with!


Japanese designers made used of textile and texture to create an interesting t-shirt.


By the Brazil zoo.

Feeling inspired? If you would like to use T-shirt as a form of advertising tool for your company or campaign, feel free to approach Ministry of Print as your desired T-shirt printer. We would be glad to be part of your advertising campaign.

Check out how your t-shirts are printed!

1. Your design submitted will be converted into a negative transparency which will then be placed on our silkscreen frame.

How a silkscreen frame looks like


Creating the stencil

2. A layer of photosensitive emulsion will be applied on the silkscreen frame.

Applying a layer of emulsion on the silkscreen frame


3. The silkscreen frame will be exposed to light, where the desired printed areas on the screen will be dissolved.

4. Next, water is sprayed onto the silkscreen to wash off the excess emulsion left.

Spraying water on the silkscreen frame


Printing on the t-shirt

5. The silkscreen frame is placed over a t-shirt.

6. Ink is applied on the silkscreen

Ink applied on the screen

7. Then, the ink is swiped throughout the screen by a squeegee (a smooth rubber tool) on the t-shirt.

Running the squeege on the silkscreen

8. The printed t-shirt is left to dry and heat-pressed on so that the ink is embedded into the t-shirt.

9.  TADA! Your t-shirt is now ready to be packed and be delivered to your doorstep!


Silkscreen printing is no easy feat! It takes time and effort to master the skills of silkscreen printing. But fret not, our professional printers at Ministry of Print are highly skilled and experienced in their forte. At Ministry of Print, we provide the best T-shirts in the shortest amount of time available. So choose us as your number oneT-shirt printer today!


For more detailed information about silkscreen printing, check out this video: