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Twitter Corporate gifts

Want to brand it like twitter? now you can! We will be telling you exactly which corporate gifts you should buy from our HUGE variety of Corporate gifts available here at Ministry of Print! Tultex T-shirt: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/cotton-blend-w-polyester/tultex-men-ladies-blend-tee-roundneck-t-shirt-241240/ A5 Note Bottle: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/water-bottle/nlas-420-a5-note-bottle-420ml-nl-series/ Canvas Drawstring Bag: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/misc-bag/cgfg-294-canvas-drawstring-bag/ Brighton Mug: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/mugs/nlb-25-brighton-mug/ ——————————————————— Contact our sales department at sales@mop.com.sg or call us at +65 6253 […]

Budget pens printing

Hi! Welcome back to our continuation of budget pens printing for your event needs. Previously in our cheap pens post, we shared about pen designs that are $0.70 – $0.85 (nett) each. Here in this entry today, we will share about many affordable pens at $0.90 (nett) each. Our hot-selling favourite among our customers is […]

Cheap pens printing for Events below $1.00

Looking for cheap pens printing for events and have a tight budget to meet? Today, we would like to share about some cheap pens that are affordable and popular in our catalog. These pens colours in many designs and colours. If you are looking for budget pens with a budget of less than $1.00 each […]

We print corporate gifts too!

Did you know that at Ministry of Print, we don’t just print t-shirts? We also provide printing for corporate gifts needs. What are corporate gifts? They are mainly small souvenirs that are presented to your target audience or participants at your event. These gifts can range from items such as pens, notebooks to umbrellas, water […]

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