Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing, also known as spot printing, is one the popular method of t-shirt printing in the printing industry. It is known for its superior printing quality that are long-lasting and the colors won’t fade. The printing requires the use of templates to print the t-shirt design, and each color printed requires a new template. As the cost of the printing template is very high, hence, the high set-up costs for Silk-Screen Printing.

Silkscreen printing

Most of the silk screen factories in Singapore only provides regular silk screen printing method for your t-shirt printing order. However, at Ministry of Print T-Shirt Printer, we strive to produce industrial quality t-shirt printing results. In addition, we have also mastered various special silk screen printing like Glitter Printing, Gold/Silver Printing, CMYK full colour silk screen printing and even the uncommon yet cool Emboss Printing. For more information, please get in contact with one of our staff now!

If you are looking for a t-shirt printing method that has a professional/ corporate appeal, why not look into embroidery?

+ Good For Large Areas
+ Low cost for larger quantities
– Not economical for small orders requiring more than one colour