Embroidery is the process where coloured threads are used to sew a design, which produce a professional & classy feel.

The printing cost varies to the size of the printing design as the cost is charged according to the number of stitches. It is known for its durability and it is popular among businesses as it have a professional appeal. Another advantage of this method of t-shirt printing over silk screen printing is that it is not limited to a single printing design, which mean that we can print a different t-shirt design without affecting much of the price.  Generally, it allows up to 3-4 colors of print for the same cost.

Similar to Silk-screen printing, most embroidery companies in Singapore only provides you with the regular stitching embroidery for your t-shirt order. Ministry of Print embroidery equipments are able to produce embroideries of industrial standard, which is tested in our labs for its durability and high standard stitching results. With Gold/Silver threading, and skilled digitizer in the house, you can be assured that your t-shirt printing or t-shirt embroidery order are in good hands.

If you are looking to print your individual or personalised names on your t-shirts, embroidery also allows for individual customization. Hence, individual name embroidery is possible. This is usually popular among our corporate clients who have gone for individual name embroidery and even appointment titles to be embroidered on the sleeves of the apparel. If you have any doubts in your embroidery order, feel free to contact us now.

+ Quality Image
+ Long Lasting
+ up to three colours at no additional cost

– Costs more than silkscreen printing for 1-2 colours printing
– Expensive for large logos
– Embroidery cannot be used where a graduated colour effect is required.
– Difficult to recreate small text legibly