T-shirt printing: How are T-shirts printed?

Check out how your t-shirts are printed!

1. Your design submitted will be converted into a negative transparency which will then be placed on our silkscreen frame.

How a silkscreen frame looks like


Creating the stencil

2. A layer of photosensitive emulsion will be applied on the silkscreen frame.

Applying a layer of emulsion on the silkscreen frame


3. The silkscreen frame will be exposed to light, where the desired printed areas on the screen will be dissolved.

4. Next, water is sprayed onto the silkscreen to wash off the excess emulsion left.

Spraying water on the silkscreen frame


Printing on the t-shirt

5. The silkscreen frame is placed over a t-shirt.

6. Ink is applied on the silkscreen

Ink applied on the screen

7. Then, the ink is swiped throughout the screen by a squeegee (a smooth rubber tool) on the t-shirt.

Running the squeege on the silkscreen

8. The printed t-shirt is left to dry and heat-pressed on so that the ink is embedded into the t-shirt.

9.  TADA! Your t-shirt is now ready to be packed and be delivered to your doorstep!


Silkscreen printing is no easy feat! It takes time and effort to master the skills of silkscreen printing. But fret not, our professional printers at Ministry of Print are highly skilled and experienced in their forte. At Ministry of Print, we provide the best T-shirts in the shortest amount of time available. So choose us as your number oneT-shirt printer today!


For more detailed information about silkscreen printing, check out this video:

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