Anti-Microbial Reusable Face Mask (EC0005)

Description: Anti-Microbial Reusable Face Mask (EC0005) is a mask in-built with a patented anti-microbial technology that is proven to continually kill microorganisms to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. It is comfortable to wear for long hours, long-lasting active protection.

Material: Fabric


  • Adult (Blue/Black)
    • 12cm (H) * 18cm (L) – not include ear loop
    • 12cm (H) * 28cm (L) – include ear loop
  • Kid (Grey)
    • 10cm (H) * 12cm (L) – not include ear loop
    • 10cm (H) * 20cm (L) – include ear loop

Color(s): Black, Blue

Leadtime: 2-5 Working days

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