Laptop Sleeve with Multi Zip Design and Handle 13” (B0136)

Description: Our Laptop Sleeve with Multi Zip Design and Handle 13” (B0136) features a premium quality sleeve with a wool inner padding to protect your laptop from scratches. The sleeve features inner padded edges to better protect your laptop from unintentional drops. The sleeve is water-resistant too and can protect the laptop from rain.

• Especially designed for 13″ 11″ Macbook Pro, ultrabook, notebook, iPad, and tablet PC.
• Premium wool, soft sleeve case to protect your tablet PC from scratches.
• Hidden zip closure for best security and easy opening.
• Slim design, portable, and convenient to carry no matter where you go.
• Fashionable and elegant appearance, the perfect gift for friends or families.
• 1 outer pocket to place your stationery and handphone or iPad
• Perfect for both males and females
• Thick padding, true thick padding which helps protect and cushion your laptop.

Packaging: Individual Poly bag

Dimension: 36.5cm(W) x 25cm(H) x 2.5cm(D)

Color(s): Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue

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