Live Event Printing

Instead of giving standard printed promotional merchandises, Ministry of Print in collaboration with will print your promotional merchandises LIVE at your event. Not only can your attendees or guests take home these gifts, they will also get a memorable experience. is Asia’s First Live Event Printing Company now launched in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines. We have been involved in numerous types of events, everything from private parties, dinner & dances, product launches, private functions, fashion events etc.

By engaging our services, you will be able to effectively send your message across to your attendees as they are having fun throughout the entire process. Live Event Printing is not just a great way to make your event entertaining, a printed custom item can be used as a walking billboard after your event.

Our clients include Google, Facebook, Calvin Klein, Hera, Sulwhasoo, and many others.

Depending on your requirements, we will recommend you either the Live Digital Printing / Live Silkscreen Printing

Live Digital Printing

Live Digital Printing is an exclusive and premium service that allows guests to get their custom merchandise printed. Guests will be able to harness their creativity to design on our patented app, and watch us bring it to life with state-of-the-art printing.

The benefits include:

  1. Merchandise designs customized by your attendees using our proprietary Partyinkers app
  2. WOW your guests when the attendees see their customized merchandise shown on the live feed at the event.
  3. Crowd and order management system using a QR code to let the attendees know when to collect their merchandise at the booth
  4. Brand your event as though it were a fashion/product launch

Live Digital Printing Video

Live Silkscreen Printing

Live Silkscreen Printing is 50% on-site screen print-shop and 50% of the party. During the printing process, the party guest gets to select a shirt, the designs, the placement of designs, and then watch as their creation comes to life. While the process for each shirt only takes a matter of minutes, no two shirts are truly the same.

Live Screen Printing creates an immediate buzz and becomes the center of attraction for any event. Party guests have been known to be willing to wait for over an hour in line for their chance at a custom T-shirt. With a variety of the best up and coming graphic designers and artists to choose from, PartyInkers can create up to 8 custom designs and logos ahead of time for your event. These designs become the basis for the T-shirts and can be used by party guests in an endless number of combinations to create their custom T-shirt.

Live screen-printing is a creative and entertaining way to take your event or party to the next level by creating both an immediate message and a tangible memory via custom printed apparel.

Live Silkscreen Printing Video


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