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Gifting people custom designed t-shirts is a great way to make each event memorable. In other words, you need to get in touch with the best T-Shirt printing services to create your unique T-shirt designs. It has become one of the Top New Trends in upcoming years.

We at Ministry of Printa reputed T-Shirt printing Singapore company, offers high-quality apparel printing at budget-friendly rates. Our techniques include digital heat transfer printingdirect-to-garment printingsilk screen printing, dye sublimation, and embroidery

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to create your own personalized T-shirt designs. 

What Is A T-Shirt Design? | T-Shirt Printing

A T-shirt design is one of the best ways to add a creative and personal touch to your Plain T-shirts. So if you have a killer T-shirt idea that can promote your business or wish to make some income using branded merchandise. You can also imprint them onto the t-shirts to promote your business or logo.

For instance, apparel customization enables you to express your imagination and exhibit your solidarity in a team. Are you looking for ideas? We have some pointers to share with you below. 

Ideas For Designing Your T-Shirt

While thinking of customizing your new Cotton Plain T-Shirts, your first thought will be how to make them more appealing. Even though you expand your imagination, are you sure that it will stand out?

With these questions in mind, we have come up with some of the best ideas to designs your Long-sleeve Plain Tees. 

Digital Artwork Designs:

Upgrade your style and customize your V-neck Plain Tees using our digital artwork design ideas. 

With popular software such as animation, you can create complex designs or illustration vectors styles. 

Photographs or Painting Designs:

Have a favorite click that you took on your camera and would like to get it printed on to your favorite t-shirt? Or wish to include paintings to Customise Tees to give out as gifts? 

With Digital Heat Transfer methods, you can also imprint a painting or an image onto a T-shirt without losing its original colors. 

Text or Logo designs:

At times, T-shirt designs may contain only a simple text that has a unique meaning or catchy phrases but they convey powerful messages.  

Also, customizing your Polo shirts with logos will assist in marketing your brand or sports team. So you can use Embroidery or Silkscreen Printing for these simple designs as they are minimalistic. 

Tips For Good T-Shirt Design 

Everybody loves to get a great T-shirt design. Though it may seem simple, it’s essential to get these designs right. No one wishes to get a floppy design on their Hoodies. Let’s look at some of the tips you need to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes.

Font Size:

T-shirt designs, font size, matters a lot. No, that one size does not suit all. So based on the nature of your design and the garment’s size, you need to adjust the font size.


Even if you have an incredible design that makes heads turn, placing them in the wrong position can be a huge mistake. Therefore for standard print location designs, it’s advisable to go for a full-back or full front placement.

Conclusion | T-Shirt Printing

Looking for T-Shirt Printing services where you can get designs printed at any quantity? For instance, at MOP, we have No minimum orders – from bulk to very small order; we cover them all. 

Going through our catalog will give you a clear insight into the different designs you can use. Guess what! You can also buy affordable plain t-shirts in Singapore from our company for daily use. 


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