How to choose a t-shirt printer in Singapore

If you are looking for the best t-shirt printer in Singapore, you are at the right page as we are going to share tips and guide to choosing the right t-shirt printer for your every printing need.

Tip 1:  Research the credibility of the company. Not everything is about price.

Before you print with a t-shirt printing company, you are advised to do a research on the credibility of the company. This is important as there are many t-shirt printers in Singapore ranging from really experienced companies to newcomers. Emailing all the t-shirt printers you find on Google search and choosing the one that quotes the cheapest price might not necessarily guarantee good quality and service.

We, at Ministry of Print, have been in the t-shirt printing industry for many years and have a wide Facebook fan base of more than 2, 500 people. But of course, having many Facebook likes does not necessarily mean the t-shirt company you have chanced upon is popular among many. There are t-shirt printers who have purchased Facebook likes and do not garner genuine likes from their audience. Our likes, are built up over the few years we joined Facebook, and are painstakingly earned from our good service and reputation.

Additionally, we have printed T-shirts for numerous prestigious companies such as Disney, Garena, and JTC, etc. Our long list of clientele is testament to our reliability and impeccable service.

Tip 2:  Get a t-shirt printer that make your t-shirt design suitable for t-shirt printing. Ask them how your t-shirt design is used to print your t-shirt.

Sometimes you may have a design that is drawn or some idea/image you have gotten online, which you need a t-shirt printer to put it in place. However, most of the t-shirt printers do not hire graphic designer as it is expensive to get one just to do editing work.

At Ministry of Print, we have our very own in-house t-shirt designer just to cater to your t-shirt artwork needs. Whether it is hand-drawn or low resolution design, our MOP designer can edit your design to facilitate the t-shirt printing process. Furthermore, our designer will provide you a design proposal before we print your t-shirt so you are always assured that your t-shirt will be printed exactly to your requirements. All these are free of charge as long as you print with us! As our slogan says, we strive to make you look awesome!

We hope these guide and tips will help you to make an informed choice while choosing a good t-shirt printer.

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