Family t-shirt printing

One day, we had a group of customers who came in and asked if we could fulfil their order of 50 pieces of t-shirts with a turnaround time of one day. Of course we could. Digital Transfer sample

The t-shirts were for a wedding for one of their family members. To commemorate the wedding, all the family members donned the nicely printed t-shirts with the faces of the groom and bride.

Digital Transfer sample-2

If you have a family t-shirt you wish to print, especially if you wish to include pictures or photographs, digital transfer is often the chosen type of printing as it is fast, vibrant and detailed. With digital transfer, you are able to print the fine details of the photos, with no colour limit.

We are very happy to have fulfilled our customers’ order and also would like to wish them a very blessed and and blissful marriage.

Recently, family t-shirts have been in high demand as families wish to have a form of identity when they go for activities such as picnics or outings. Hence, we’ve received a lot of requests to print family t-shirts, the largest order being a family made up of 200 over members! With your very own printed family t-shirts, it creates a sense of identity and closeness between the family members during outdoor activities.

The weekends are coming, are you spending time with your family? We are, and we hope you enjoy your family time. Have a pleasant weekend, everyone!


The MOP team


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