Customized Corporate Gift Ideas

Wish to strengthen your professional bond with a personalized touch? Then you might be on the hunt for corporate gift printing services? We have you covered with these Corporate Gift Ideas. Ministry of Print is a corporate gift printing Company in Singapore that helps you personalize your business gifts.

Corporate gifts enable you to show appreciation to the individuals who have helped you in your business. So they are cost-effective methods that will help strengthen your relationship with your clients and employees. It has lots of benefits that will reflect postiviely on your relationship.

By going one step further into customizing these gifts, will add a personal touch to it. At times, a thoughtful gift may result in an increase in sales or loyalty for your venture.

Here are some Corporate Gift Ideas!

Document Bags

Everybody needs a good document bag to store important documents whilst on the go. For instance, this corporate gift helps store various items like stationery, files, office lanyard, keys, and id cards into multiple pockets and storage bags. Hence, go for ones that are entirely safe and reliable and are made using high-quality materials. 

Eco-friendly Pens

Are you a business venture that cares about your environment? If so, gifting your clients and employees with eco-friendly pens would be a great idea. This ball pen is light in weight and allows you to write easily without stress for a long period. 

Once the ink in the pen is over, you don’t have to throw it away. All you have to do is bury the pens into the soil and sprout forth into a plant. Isn’t that an innovative corporate gift? Otherwise, try other corporate gift ideas such as lifestyle items in bulk for your team.

Cord Wrap

The corporate sector runs on gadgets, and each employee requires an office PC, laptop, or tablet to work with. In addition, all these gadgets come with the charging wires and USB cables that can create a huge mess.  

Bygifting a cord wrapping set containing 3 – 4 spiral ropes of different colors, your employees will be able to solve the issues of storing the wires securely. Based on the colors, you can segregate the charging cords from the USB cables. This will also keep the gadget wires from getting tangled up. 

Luggage Tags

As business individuals who travel frequently, or carries a bag around to put the necessities for work. So having a Luggage Tag can be useful and efficient, definitely a good idea! Each luggage tag can have a picture printed on it with a handwritten note attached. This would be a grand gesture in appreciating others’ hard work. You can also get this for your customers or clients.

Conclusion | Corporate Gift Ideas

Customized premium corporate gifts help showcase your gratitude towards your employees, business partners, customers, and clients. Make sure that these gifts are not over branded as it may lose its overall appeal. With the help of our corporate gift printing services, you can include your company logo and the design printed. You can also mention your company name in small, noticeable letters. 

It’s not the cost of the gift that counts, but how you customize and market it that matters. As a result, with the help of the above tips, you can create your personalized corporate gifts. 


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