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Hello guys! Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life on T-shirt Printing!

Roy introducing the silkscreen board and how it is used. Silkscreen printing is most recommended for bulk printing, so if you are looking to print your class t-shirts or corporate t-shirts, silkscreen printing is the most common option.

Keon positioning the silkscreen board onto the body of the t-shirt. This is to ensure that the position of the image printed is as accurate as possible.

It’s Xiaxue’s turn to print her very own t-shirt!

Almost complete!

Oh yay look at the nicely printed t-shirts! Awesome or what.

Keon and Xiaxue posing for the camera with their freshly printed t-shirts!

Each t-shirt is hand-printed and made with lots of patience. A lot of effort and time are needed to print a t-shirt, ensuring that the silkscreen board is done perfectly and the printing is done smoothly. Now you know t-shirt printing is no mean feat!

Anyway, the method of t-shirt printing featured in the video is called Silkscreen Printing. There are many other types of t-shirt printing methods you can opt for. You can check out the various ways of t-shirt printing here. If you are unsure of the method, fret not, as our professional sales coordinators will recommend the best t-shirt printing method most suitable and cost-efficient for your t-shirts! Drop us an email at today to know more about printing your t-shirts!

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Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Video is finally out!

This exclusive video features Xiaxue at Ministry of Print where she learns how to professionally print her T-shirt. did a great job putting this together ūüôā

check out for more details. You stand to win a T-Shirt personally printed by Xiaxue and $50 Ministry of Print voucher!

Part 1 of the video: Comparison between Silkscreen printing and Digital Transfer

Part 2 of the video: The process of creating the Silkscreen Template which involves: 1) coating of emulsion on silkscreen board 2) Burning of Silkscreen Board 3)Washing of silkscreen board

Part 3 of the video: The process of printing the T-Shirt using Silkscreen Ink

Part 4: Competition Details

We had a great time teaching Xiaxue how to silkscreen her t-shirt. She will be giving one t-shirt that she personally printed to a lucky viewer. Stay tuned to the Episode at where Xiaxue comes to Ministry of Print!

Photo Credit: Xiaxue

We had a special guest over at our office last afternoon,

Xiaxue was over to print her very own T-shirt for her Guide to Life internet TV series. It was nice to meet her production crew members and her at our office. They are really nice and friendly people to work with! Stay tuned for her video here where she learns how to print her very own t-shirt from us folks at Ministry of Print.



Hi all, our office is not open today, 24th of July. Our normal business operating hours (9.30am – 630pm) will resume tomorrow, 25th of July. We are currently working on something and can’t wait to share the joy with you awesome people. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we’ll see you soon!

If you are looking for the best t-shirt printer in Singapore, you are at the right page as we are going to share tips and guide to choosing the right t-shirt printer for your every printing need.

Tip 1:  Research the credibility of the company. Not everything is about price.

Before you print with a t-shirt printing company, you are advised to do a research on the credibility of the company. This is important as there are many t-shirt printers in Singapore ranging from really experienced companies to newcomers. Emailing all the t-shirt printers you find on Google search and choosing the one that quotes the cheapest price might not necessarily guarantee good quality and service.

We, at Ministry of Print, have been in the t-shirt printing industry for many years and have a wide Facebook fan base of more than 2, 500 people. But of course, having many Facebook likes does not necessarily mean the t-shirt company you have chanced upon is popular among many. There are t-shirt printers who have purchased Facebook likes and do not garner genuine likes from their audience. Our likes, are built up over the few years we joined Facebook, and are painstakingly earned from our good service and reputation.

Additionally, we have printed T-shirts for numerous prestigious companies such as Disney, Garena, and JTC, etc. Our long list of clientele is testament to our reliability and impeccable service.

Tip 2:  Get a t-shirt printer that make your t-shirt design suitable for t-shirt printing. Ask them how your t-shirt design is used to print your t-shirt.

Sometimes you may have a design that is drawn or some idea/image you have gotten online, which you need a t-shirt printer to put it in place. However, most of the t-shirt printers do not hire graphic designer as it is expensive to get one just to do editing work.

At Ministry of Print, we have our very own in-house t-shirt designer just to cater to your t-shirt artwork needs. Whether it is hand-drawn or low resolution design, our MOP designer can edit your design to facilitate the t-shirt printing process. Furthermore, our designer will provide you a design proposal before we print your t-shirt so you are always assured that your t-shirt will be printed exactly to your requirements. All these are free of charge as long as you print with us! As our slogan says, we strive to make you look awesome!

We hope these guide and tips will help you to make an informed choice while choosing a good t-shirt printer.

Natural printing is one of the simple ways you can print your t-shirt. Unlike most t-shirt printing methods, it uses materials from nature such as leaves as such it preserve the ephemeral beauty of nature. This form of art goes all the way back from Leonardo Da Vinci who perhaps inspired by fossils.

Besides being inexpensive, natural printing has limitless possibilities. Its print can be created by putting paint on nature material such as flower, vegetable, leaves. Here in this tutorial, we are applying the prints onto a t-shirt.

Material required:

Leaves or any other nature materials that have a texture Bath towels Newspaper & newsprint Assorted Fabric paint Cotton T-Shirt Straight Pins Hand Roller Sponge Brush Iron

Step 1: Create a work space preferable on a flat table and cover it with newspaper. Lay the printing surface with a layer of bath towels.

Step 2: Place the cotton t-shirt on the towel and secure it with pins

Step 3: Select the nature material that you want to use for your t-shirt eg. Leaf

Step 4: Apply a few thin layer of fabric paint on the leaf

Step 5: Carefully put the leaf with its painted side facing down onto the t-shirt. Cover the leaf with piece of newsprint and use a Hand roller to roll over it gently. Remove the newsprint.

Step 6: Slowly lift the leaf and check the design. Repeat this process until design is complete. Let the paint dry.

Step 7: Cover the design with a piece of cloth and iron the t-shirt to allow the paint to set. Let it dry for 2 days before putting it for a wash

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Yes you heard that right, we are hiring! We are looking for fun and outgoing people to join our sales team and designing team. Positions available include sales coordinators and graphic designers. More details are updated on our Career page here

If you have what it takes to be part of our family, do drop us an email and our HR will get back to you accordingly!

You’ll probably throw on a T-shirt on a slack day to school or a boyfriend t-shirt when heading to bed but I bet you didn’t know T-shirts are a good way of advertising as well! T-shirts are more than just comfort wear. Also, the first thing  you notice about others is what they are wearing. A humble T-shirt can serve as an affordable form of advertising tool. It not only costs lesser than a print advertisement, it is also mobile (because people wearing it walk around) and also have a longer lifespan.

One of the most common types of using T-shirts as part of an overall branding tactic would be through staff uniform. Staff uniform not only makes your workers look smart and more professional, it also increases your credibility as a whole.

Let’s see how people from all over the world have used T-shirts as a form of advertising:


This T-shirt was worn by sales personnel of Eu Yan Sang and mailed to their prospective customers as free gifts to promote their new hair product launch.


This creative T-shirt was given out to new interns of an advertising agency in New York. No wonder they belong to the creative industry!

Look what the amazing Fedex team came up with!


Japanese designers made used of textile and texture to create an interesting t-shirt.


By the Brazil zoo.

Feeling inspired? If you would like to use T-shirt as a form of advertising tool for your company or campaign, feel free to approach Ministry of Print as your desired T-shirt printer. We would be glad to be part of your advertising campaign.

Prior planning and detailed coordination are important requirements for an event to be successful and fun. If you want to leave an impression in people’s mind of this great event, giving away screen printed t-shirts to your guests is one great way.  Your guest will remember it as long as they see and wear the t-shirt you gave away.

There are a lot of advantages of giving screen printing t-shirts as your door gift. Firstly, it is a way for thanking your guests for coming to the occasion. Secondly, it also serves as a remembrance of the event. Finally, it is a powerful marketing tool for your company if it is a company event you are holding.

There are many t-shirt printing companies you can find in Singapore. Before you get one t-shirt printing company to handle your order, it is best to get quotation from various sources to ensure you get the best value and best quality.

However not everything is about price, you should always find out the credibility of the t-shirt printing company you are ordering from. These can be found either through research either googling it or their Facebook page. It is also important that you see samples. In this way, you can know the quality of t-shirt you will be getting.

When it comes to event giveaway, there are many options you can choose from. However, there are more benefits to give away screen printing t-shirts compared to the rest of the options. Other than being economical and creative, participants will appreciate your effort in getting them printed t-shirts.