Behind the scenes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life: T-shirt Printing

Hello guys! Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life on T-shirt Printing! Roy introducing the silkscreen board and how it is used. Silkscreen printing is most recommended for bulk printing, so if you are looking to print your class t-shirts or corporate t-shirts, silkscreen printing is the most […]

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Episode on T-Shirt Printing

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Video is finally out! This exclusive video features Xiaxue at Ministry of Print where she learns how to professionally print her T-shirt. did a great job putting this together 🙂 check out for more details. You stand to win a T-Shirt personally printed by Xiaxue and $50 Ministry of […]

Giving Xiaxue t-shirt to one lucky viewer

We had a great time teaching Xiaxue how to silkscreen her t-shirt. She will be giving one t-shirt that she personally printed to a lucky viewer. Stay tuned to the Episode at where Xiaxue comes to Ministry of Print!

Good news to share! Xiaxue’s Guide to Life!

Photo Credit: Xiaxue We had a special guest over at our office last afternoon, Xiaxue was over to print her very own T-shirt for her Guide to Life internet TV series. It was nice to meet her production crew members and her at our office. They are really nice and friendly people to work with! Stay […]

How to choose a t-shirt printer in Singapore

If you are looking for the best t-shirt printer in Singapore, you are at the right page as we are going to share tips and guide to choosing the right t-shirt printer for your every printing need. Tip 1:  Research the credibility of the company. Not everything is about price. Before you print with a t-shirt printing company, […]

A simple way to print your t-shirt

Natural printing is one of the simple ways you can print your t-shirt. Unlike most t-shirt printing methods, it uses materials from nature such as leaves as such it preserve the ephemeral beauty of nature. This form of art goes all the way back from Leonardo Da Vinci who perhaps inspired by fossils. Besides being […]

We are hiring!

Yes you heard that right, we are hiring! We are looking for fun and outgoing people to join our sales team and designing team. Positions available include sales coordinators and graphic designers. More details are updated on our Career page here If you have what it takes to be part of our family, do drop […]

Why choose T-shirt advertising?

You’ll probably throw on a T-shirt on a slack day to school or a boyfriend t-shirt when heading to bed but I bet you didn’t know T-shirts are a good way of advertising as well! T-shirts are more than just comfort wear. Also, the first thing  you notice about others is what they are wearing. […]

Screen Printing T-Shirts – Beneficial event Giveaway

Prior planning and detailed coordination are important requirements for an event to be successful and fun. If you want to leave an impression in people’s mind of this great event, giving away screen printed t-shirts to your guests is one great way.  Your guest will remember it as long as they see and wear the t-shirt you […]