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Happy-Chinese-New-Year-ecardHere’s wishing a very Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all our valued customers and business partners. Please note that MOP will be closed from the 30th Jan (half day) to the 4th Feb. Business will resume on the 5th of February, Wednesday.

What is Chinese New Year without yummy festive goodies such as the ever so popular pineapple tarts?  But before you start munching on these sinful snacks, check out the calories in the different snacks you’ll see while visiting your friends and relatives.

chinese NY calories

It’s okay, we can always eat first, think later.

We chanced upon the very talented designer, Eileen Kwa’s illustrations on the web and thought it would be a good idea to have the festive goodies printed on some t-shirts. Check them out:


pineapple tart t-shirtlove letters

*all illustrations belong to Ms Eileen Kwa from http://eileenkwa.tumblr.com*

Aren’t they cute? Have a happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the new year bring you lots of good health, prosperity and happiness.

Please note that MOP will be closed from the 30th Jan (half day) to the 4th Feb. Business will resume on the 5th of February, Wednesday.


The MOP team.

There can never be a time when t-shirt goes out of style. You can wear t-shirts to schools, to work, to play and even to sleep. Now that it’s the summer season (not that it matters a lot in Singapore since it is summer all year round which gives you even more reason to wear t-shirts!), t-shirts will be a preferred choice of light clothing due to the hot and humid weather.

Whether it’s a basic single-colour, collared style, or with sequins, mirrors and glitter as embellishments, this is the season to wear the t-shirts. Even major commercial brands such as Ed Hardy, Dior, Mango and Armani Exchange produce t-shirts for sale. In fact, t-shirts are one of their methods to reach out to consumers as they are slightly more affordable than branded high-end clothing.

Corporate Apparelmango t-shirt

At Ministry of Print, things get even better! You can have your own customised design on your t-shirts whether it is for a corporate event, a school event or just a party. Groups of friends frequent our company to have their clique t-shirts printed, not just for school class t-shirts! T-shirt printing at Ministry of Print is ensured with close coordination with our clients in order to produce their desired t-shirts within their stipulated datelines. It gives us a sense of achievement when we see the smiles on our customers’ faces when they received their customised t-shirts. To know that your customers like what they see and received, that is what makes our job fulfilling.

Want to print your very own t-shirts? Do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team at 6253 0106 or drop us an email at [email protected]

P/s: Do note that minimum quantity is 10 pieces!:)


Latest update: Ministry of Print is closed for Chinese New Year and will resume business on 18th feb 2013. Cheers!

Do you know that there is a colour for each day of the week?

“The colour of the The Day” project was commissioned and produced for the Biennale Design 2004 in Saint-Etienne, France. This project aims to investigate the relationship between colour association and specific days of the week.

In this project, a survey was conducted where the following questions were given to 75 people in the creative industry from 20 different countries: What colour do you associate each day of the week?

The outcome of the colour for each day is then determined based on the majority vote. The shirts could either be worn according to the calendar days, or more intuitively, according to the actual mood of the wearer

The results are as follows:

What is the colour that you are feeling today?

These are some creative t-shirts we found online 🙂 Some of them may contain inappropriate content but we think it is pretty creative! What do you think?

Drink Evian Water – Live young

Now we know why guys like to play games.

Gold Fish in a Tank Tee.

I am pretty sure everyone will ask you if you are al right.

If this is your plumber, you will remember him for life.

Good way to let people know that you are pregnant and not fat.

Battle of the Sexes

– source: http://9gag.com/gag/5279392

Hello guys! Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life on T-shirt Printing!

Roy introducing the silkscreen board and how it is used. Silkscreen printing is most recommended for bulk printing, so if you are looking to print your class t-shirts or corporate t-shirts, silkscreen printing is the most common option.

Keon positioning the silkscreen board onto the body of the t-shirt. This is to ensure that the position of the image printed is as accurate as possible.

It’s Xiaxue’s turn to print her very own t-shirt!

Almost complete!

Oh yay look at the nicely printed t-shirts! Awesome or what.

Keon and Xiaxue posing for the camera with their freshly printed t-shirts!

Each t-shirt is hand-printed and made with lots of patience. A lot of effort and time are needed to print a t-shirt, ensuring that the silkscreen board is done perfectly and the printing is done smoothly. Now you know t-shirt printing is no mean feat!

Anyway, the method of t-shirt printing featured in the video is called Silkscreen Printing. There are many other types of t-shirt printing methods you can opt for. You can check out the various ways of t-shirt printing here. If you are unsure of the method, fret not, as our professional sales coordinators will recommend the best t-shirt printing method most suitable and cost-efficient for your t-shirts! Drop us an email at [email protected] today to know more about printing your t-shirts!

– Behind the Scenes by UrbanDoll.

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Video is finally out!

This exclusive video features Xiaxue at Ministry of Print where she learns how to professionally print her T-shirt. Clicknetwork.tv did a great job putting this together 🙂

check out http://www.clicknetwork.tv/watch.aspx?c=1&p=8&v=813 for more details. You stand to win a T-Shirt personally printed by Xiaxue and $50 Ministry of Print voucher!

Part 1 of the video: Comparison between Silkscreen printing and Digital Transfer

Part 2 of the video: The process of creating the Silkscreen Template which involves:
1) coating of emulsion on silkscreen board
2) Burning of Silkscreen Board
3)Washing of silkscreen board

Part 3 of the video: The process of printing the T-Shirt using Silkscreen Ink

Part 4: Competition Details

We had a great time teaching Xiaxue how to silkscreen her t-shirt. She will be giving one t-shirt that she personally printed to a lucky viewer. Stay tuned to the Episode at http://www.clicknetwork.tv/ where Xiaxue comes to Ministry of Print!

Photo Credit: Xiaxue

We had a special guest over at our office last afternoon,

Xiaxue was over to print her very own T-shirt for her Guide to Life internet TV series. It was nice to meet her production crew members and her at our office. They are really nice and friendly people to work with! Stay tuned for her video here where she learns how to print her very own t-shirt from us folks at Ministry of Print.



Hi all, our office is not open today, 24th of July. Our normal business operating hours (9.30am – 630pm) will resume tomorrow, 25th of July. We are currently working on something and can’t wait to share the joy with you awesome people. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we’ll see you soon!