Unique corporate gift ideas are usually considered and given as a token of appreciation to clients, staff, or even business partners without any obligation. Certain large organizations also have policies in place to give gifts to their employees. 

To make things easier for you, Ministry of Print has put together a list of corporate gift ideas that will make your clients and team feel special. We are a corporate gift printing services in Singapore specialized in customizing your corporate gift ideas to make it memorable. 

Are Lifestyle Products Perfect For Corporate Gift Ideas?

Your unique lifestyle is what sets you apart from everyone else and gives you a different outlook. As you grew up, you tend to look differently, dress uniquely, and even behave differently. So you will find that lifestyle item make you feel different and allow you to stand out in a crowd. Now, who doesn’t wish to be known as the cool kid in the area? 

As you grow older, these differences stick with you and give you the desire to own the latest stuff available to stay cool and in style. Hence, gifting unique Lifestyle corporate gifts to your staff and customers would be a great idea as they will relate to it. 

Types Of Lifestyle Corporate Gift Ideas

Here are some of the best lifestyle corporate gifts that our corporate gift printing Company in Singapore offers. 

Sports Towel:

Most individuals these days hardly have enough time to work out after their busy schedules. The best way to stay fit and healthy is by taking a short jog daily to keep yourself active. For instance, this not only reduces the stress levels but also keeps you healthy. 

Gifting this sports towel, which serves as a handy item, works great as you jog around. It also shows that you care about your staff’s health. 

Mini Capsule Umbrella:

Likewise, no one wishes to carry bulk things around, a bulky umbrella is not handy, and umbrellas are essential items for individuals living in Singapore. Also, with the weather that keeps changing from sunny to rainy real quick, having an umbrella in hand is beneficial. 

This mini capsule umbrella is small and easily fits into most handbags. For example, male employees can fit them perfectly into their laptop bags. Gifting this item will keep your employees from getting drenched or waiting for the rain to stop before they can get to work.

Mugs and Tumblers:

Individuals commonly use plastic items in a corporate environment. For example, with the urge to save the planet, we are gradually moving towards environment-friendly and reusable products. 

Opting for bamboo fiber tumblers are more practical and works as a great gift idea. So it comes in different shades with high-quality finishing and saves your wallet from grabbing mugs of coffee from the café down the lane. In addition, gifting vacuum flasks or reusable water bottles are other eco-friendly options available. 


In conclusion, the biggest challenge in selecting a lifestyle gift is to find a balance between ease of use and functionality. Hence, to help refine your endless corporate gifting options, we at MOP have organized things ranging from business cardholders to travel accessories to soft toys. These unique lifestyle gift items such as t-shirts and caps and your corporate logo on it will have a huge impact on your brand image. 

Meanwhile, find out the simple rules for picking out the perfect corporate gifts for your clients!


Caps: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/cap/

Travel Accessories: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/travel-accessories/

Lifestyle Corporate GIfts: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/

Ministry of Print: https://www.mop.com.sg/

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Soft Toys: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/soft-toys/

Towels: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/towel/

Tumblers: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/tumbler/

Umbrellas: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/umbrella/

Water Bottles: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/water-bottle/

Vacuum Flasks: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/vacuum-flask/

Are you planning to promote your brand with customized printed T-shirts? For example, are you looking for an Instant T-Shirt Printing Singapore with different methods such as Embroidery or Silkscreening and more? Well, you have come to the exact location!

T-shirt printing is the new hot trend. We are a T-shirt printing company in Singapore! For instance, we offer customized services for T-shirt printing and embroidery, heat transfer printing, silkscreen printing on T-shirts, and apparel in bulk orders.

At the Ministry of Print, we offer enhanced silkscreen printing or spot printing service. We focus not only on customized printing but envision offering industrial quality printed T-shirts to our clientele.

As one of the largest T-shirt printing Singapore Company, we are here to share some tips to design and keep your customization ideas simple and get your delivery at the earliest. There are a number of T-Shirt Design Trends 2020 you can consider and take inspiration from.

How to Print T-Shirts Fast with Ministry of Print? 555555 Quantity

Less work requires less time to finish—a simple logic that is prevalent in every sphere. So if you plan to get your express printed T-shirt at the earliest, contact us with your design, estimated delivery date, and the number of orders and get a price quotation on the same day along with the delivery details.

Printing Service

From silkscreen printing, embroidery to heat transfer printing, we have a wide array of printing methodologies at MOP, each requiring a unique time frame. Apart from these, our best offering includes Dye Sublimation, one of the most advanced T-shirt printing technologies especially suited for sportswear. But what entices our customers is the Direct to Garment printing, wherein your T-shirt will showcase a full printed colored image. We at MOP have introduced Direct to Garment Printing in Singapore, which is the latest art of T-shirt printing and designing!


Are you looking for a reliable supplier? As we are the biggest T-Shirt supplier in Singapore, we at the Ministry of Print have an array of T-shirts and apparel products in our catalog. Are you confused about which printing service would match the product type and which product will offer a quick printing service? So leave it up to us, and we provide you with Instant T-Shirt Printing Singapore at the earliest.

3 General Places for Instant T-Shirt Printing Singapore TJG Print

With large scale in-house designers, you can check out the TJG Print for availing Instant T-Shirt Printing Singapore. Hence, it has earned a name in offering express printing in 2days with quality products at an affordable range. It is best for full sublimation jersey printing.


In Singapore, Cottony is known for its super-fast delivery speed. So if you are in an utmost hurry for an Instant T-Shirt Printing Singapore, this is the place you can look for. It offers printing services on a variety of cotton material and delivers as fast as 2 hours!

Ministry of Print (MOP) SONY DSC

Earned fame as the largest T-printing company in Singapore. Above all, you can select from a wide array of apparel from the catalog and any printing types best-suited for your need. The company focuses on offering quality service with quality products that will last long. Hence it is efficient in delivering quality products on time.

In conclusion…

Armed with prior industry expertise, we at the Ministry of Print (MOP) offer the widest range of T-shirt printing and customization of apparel. Such as with offerings include personalized collar T-shirts (Polo Tee), round-neck t-shirts, jackets, branded jerseys, and sweatshirts. Additionally, our offering includes customized uniforms, vests aprons, or corporate jackets. All in all, we strive hard to give you the best!


Direct to Garment Printing: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/direct-to-garment-printing/

Dye Sublimation: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/dye-sublimation/

Embroidery: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/embroidery/

Heat Transfer Printing: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/heat-transfer/

Ministry of Print: https://www.mop.com.sg/

Silkscreen Printing: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/silk-screen-printing/

Tips for Designing and Cusomization of T-Shirts in Singapore: https://www.mop.com.sg/how-to-design-your-own-t-shirt-t-shirt-printing-sg/

T-Shirt Catelogue: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-catalogue/

T-Shirt Design Trends 2020: https://blog.bonfire.com/t-shirt-design-trends/

Wish to strengthen your professional bond with a personalized touch? Then you might be on the hunt for corporate gift printing services? We have you covered with these Corporate Gift Ideas. Ministry of Print is a corporate gift printing Company in Singapore that helps you personalize your business gifts.

Corporate gifts enable you to show appreciation to the individuals who have helped you in your business. So they are cost-effective methods that will help strengthen your relationship with your clients and employees. It has lots of benefits that will reflect postiviely on your relationship.

By going one step further into customizing these gifts, will add a personal touch to it. At times, a thoughtful gift may result in an increase in sales or loyalty for your venture.

Here are some Corporate Gift Ideas! Document Bags

Everybody needs a good document bag to store important documents whilst on the go. For instance, this corporate gift helps store various items like stationery, files, office lanyard, keys, and id cards into multiple pockets and storage bags. Hence, go for ones that are entirely safe and reliable and are made using high-quality materials. 

Eco-friendly Pens

Are you a business venture that cares about your environment? If so, gifting your clients and employees with eco-friendly pens would be a great idea. This ball pen is light in weight and allows you to write easily without stress for a long period. 

Once the ink in the pen is over, you don’t have to throw it away. All you have to do is bury the pens into the soil and sprout forth into a plant. Isn’t that an innovative corporate gift? Otherwise, try other corporate gift ideas such as lifestyle items in bulk for your team.

Cord Wrap

The corporate sector runs on gadgets, and each employee requires an office PC, laptop, or tablet to work with. In addition, all these gadgets come with the charging wires and USB cables that can create a huge mess.  

Bygifting a cord wrapping set containing 3 – 4 spiral ropes of different colors, your employees will be able to solve the issues of storing the wires securely. Based on the colors, you can segregate the charging cords from the USB cables. This will also keep the gadget wires from getting tangled up. 

Luggage Tags

As business individuals who travel frequently, or carries a bag around to put the necessities for work. So having a Luggage Tag can be useful and efficient, definitely a good idea! Each luggage tag can have a picture printed on it with a handwritten note attached. This would be a grand gesture in appreciating others’ hard work. You can also get this for your customers or clients.

Conclusion | Corporate Gift Ideas

Customized premium corporate gifts help showcase your gratitude towards your employees, business partners, customers, and clients. Make sure that these gifts are not over branded as it may lose its overall appeal. With the help of our corporate gift printing services, you can include your company logo and the design printed. You can also mention your company name in small, noticeable letters. 

It’s not the cost of the gift that counts, but how you customize and market it that matters. As a result, with the help of the above tips, you can create your personalized corporate gifts. 


Benefits of Corporate Gifting: https://www.8ways.ch/en/digital-news/top-7-benefits-corporate-gifts

Corporate Gifts: https://www.mop.com.sg/corporate-gifts/

Document Bag: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/bags/document-bags/

Lifestyle Items: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/

Ministry of Print: https://www.mop.com.sg/

Pens: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/pens/

Stationery: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/stationery/

Travel Accessories: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/corporate-gifts/lifestyle/travel-accessories/

Gifting people custom designed t-shirts is a great way to make each event memorable. In other words, you need to get in touch with the best T-Shirt printing services to create your unique T-shirt designs. It has become one of the Top New Trends in upcoming years.

We at Ministry of Print, a reputed T-Shirt printing Singapore company, offers high-quality apparel printing at budget-friendly rates. Our techniques include digital heat transfer printingdirect-to-garment printingsilk screen printing, dye sublimation, and embroidery

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to create your own personalized T-shirt designs. 

What Is A T-Shirt Design? | T-Shirt Printing

A T-shirt design is one of the best ways to add a creative and personal touch to your Plain T-shirts. So if you have a killer T-shirt idea that can promote your business or wish to make some income using branded merchandise. You can also imprint them onto the t-shirts to promote your business or logo.

For instance, apparel customization enables you to express your imagination and exhibit your solidarity in a team. Are you looking for ideas? We have some pointers to share with you below. 

Ideas For Designing Your T-Shirt

While thinking of customizing your new Cotton Plain T-Shirts, your first thought will be how to make them more appealing. Even though you expand your imagination, are you sure that it will stand out?

With these questions in mind, we have come up with some of the best ideas to designs your Long-sleeve Plain Tees. 

Digital Artwork Designs:

Upgrade your style and customize your V-neck Plain Tees using our digital artwork design ideas. 

With popular software such as animation, you can create complex designs or illustration vectors styles. 

Photographs or Painting Designs:

Have a favorite click that you took on your camera and would like to get it printed on to your favorite t-shirt? Or wish to include paintings to Customise Tees to give out as gifts? 

With Digital Heat Transfer methods, you can also imprint a painting or an image onto a T-shirt without losing its original colors. 

Text or Logo designs:

At times, T-shirt designs may contain only a simple text that has a unique meaning or catchy phrases but they convey powerful messages.  

Also, customizing your Polo shirts with logos will assist in marketing your brand or sports team. So you can use Embroidery or Silkscreen Printing for these simple designs as they are minimalistic. 

Tips For Good T-Shirt Design 

Everybody loves to get a great T-shirt design. Though it may seem simple, it’s essential to get these designs right. No one wishes to get a floppy design on their Hoodies. Let’s look at some of the tips you need to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes.

Font Size:

T-shirt designs, font size, matters a lot. No, that one size does not suit all. So based on the nature of your design and the garment’s size, you need to adjust the font size.


Even if you have an incredible design that makes heads turn, placing them in the wrong position can be a huge mistake. Therefore for standard print location designs, it’s advisable to go for a full-back or full front placement.

Conclusion | T-Shirt Printing

Looking for T-Shirt Printing services where you can get designs printed at any quantity? For instance, at MOP, we have No minimum orders – from bulk to very small order; we cover them all. 

Going through our catalog will give you a clear insight into the different designs you can use. Guess what! You can also buy affordable plain t-shirts in Singapore from our company for daily use. 


Apparel Customization Methods: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/

Cotton T-Shirts: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/apparel/cotton-t-shirt/

Direct to Garment: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/direct-to-garment-printing/

Dye Sublimation: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/dye-sublimation/

Embroidery: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/embroidery/

Heat Transfer: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/heat-transfer/

Hoodies: https://www.mop.com.sg/shopping/apparel/hoodies/

Silk Screen Printing: https://www.mop.com.sg/t-shirt-printing-services/silk-screen-printing/

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Why T-Shirt Printing is a New Trend: https://www.designhill.com/design-blog/reasons-why-t-shirt-printing-business-will-trend/


With father’s day coming around, every daughter/son is preparing a unique gift for their dad. (What?! You dunno which day is it? Well, the calendar is just beside you).  Anyway, in case you’re struggling with what to get for your dearest dad!  We’ve curated a range of collections for your consideration. You’re welcome. ! LOL

Now, Let’s take a look at them!

Top 1 Coffee mug

The coffee mug has never been out of the historical stage in terms of expressing love and appreciation! It’s not only a practical gift but also a very heart-warming one! You can either put a few sentences on it or group photos, whatever you like! We can transfer any of your ideas onto the mug, trust me, the result is fabulous!

Top 2 Personalized T-shirt

Well, this one is pretty self-evident! Similar to the mug, it’s a very useful present, Coz’ it can be worn everyday., comfy and stylish!  Simultaneously, it can be SUPER interesting as well!  You can literally draw anything on it by yourself! But, of course, if you’re not a kind of hands-on person, we’re here to help! Simply let us know your concepts and we’ll turn it into reality! It’s a traditional way to show your love but also a very creative way to capture the memorable & hilarious moment that only you guys know about it. Even though it’s an embarrassing one! In a word, it’s the best gift ever!

Top 3 Resistance band

Well, this is a gift for those cool dads who are a gym rat! However, in light of the current situation, the gym seems unlikely to reopen anytime soon!   But, don’t worry, with this portable resistance band, your dad could work out anywhere, anytime! I bet your old man would crazy about it! Woo, It’s gonna be a “ perspiration” gift!  What’s more, our personalization service enables your present even more special by printing names on it! Chop Chop, get your dad one right now!

Top 4 Classic metal pens

As the saying goes, to hold a pen is to be at war!  Therefore, a high-quality and classic metal pen is indispensable!  It’s more than just a pen! It’s also a media to show your caring to your dad and you can even print a joke on it, I bet it’ll make his day! What a jolly good idea!

Top 5 Documentary bag

How long haven’t you take a good look at your old man’s laptop bag?  It must be old and weary.  Well, worry-free! This documentary bag is for those highly organized dads!  It can put a laptop, two independent compartments for essential items, and documents.  

If none of them are attractive to you, no hurry, CLICK the link below for infinite choices.   https://www.mop.com.sg/

Want to brand it like twitter? now you can!

We will be telling you exactly which corporate gifts you should buy from our HUGE variety of Corporate gifts available here at Ministry of Print!

Tultex T-shirt: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/cotton-blend-w-polyester/tultex-men-ladies-blend-tee-roundneck-t-shirt-241240/

A5 Note Bottle: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/water-bottle/nlas-420-a5-note-bottle-420ml-nl-series/

Canvas Drawstring Bag: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/misc-bag/cgfg-294-canvas-drawstring-bag/

Brighton Mug: https://www.mop.com.sg/shop/mugs/nlb-25-brighton-mug/


Contact our sales department at sales@mop.com.sg or call us at +65 6253 0106 to place your professional corporate gifts printing with us today!

You might also be interested in t-shirt catalogue or corporate gifts section to suit your branding needs!


Good day all! Today, we are going to share with you about the t-shirt ordering process with Ministry of Print.

Seen our products and would like to place your order? Not a problem! Here are the 4 simple steps that we will share:

Step 1. Select your product design: View our cheap pens here. View our t-shirts here: View our water bottles here:

Step 2. Place your order with 50% deposit

Step 3. Approve your artwork provided by our design department

Step 4. Collect your promotional pens branded with your logo!

Isn’t it easy? To ease your ordering process, it is best to decide on the item that you wish to have and the logo you wish to print. Our sales team will also advise you on the most recommended method of printing for your design. Trust us, we know it best. Should your design require touch up or editing, our experienced design department will be there to help. We ensure that all artwork must be good enough for printing and have to be approved by all our customers, no matter big or small, before mass production is done.

Now happy browsing our catalogue!!

Love, MOP team


The much awaited catalogue has been updated! This year, we added more Cotton Interlock Polo and Honeycomb Polo for the cotton lovers in Singapore.

If you are looking for a sturdy cotton polo shirt but do not wish to have honeycomb material, Cotton Interlock is the recommended material for you. This is cooling, soft and comfortable material is recommended for both corporate wear and outdoor wear.

View more details about the new CI10 Cotton Interlock Polo here.

For a more structured frame, you can opt for Honeycomb polo that is thick and professional looking.

View more details about the new HC15 Honeycomb Polo here.

This is our very first tri-tone body Honeycomb Polo Body design that comes in a selection of 6 colours.

View more details about the new HC16 Honeycomb Polo here.

For the sport Drifit material lovers, you are not forgotten.

The new QD40 is suitable for sports event such as soccer or badminton. Have a company sports event and you looking for a team jersey? This is the one for you. View more details about QD40 Drifit Polo here.

We hope the new additions can cater more to different consumer t-shirt needs and are always looking to improve our readystock designs. If you have a design that does not belong to our readystock catalogue, send it to us and we can check if our production can tailor the t-shirt according to your needs. (*Customisation order minimum 80pcs, depending on design*)

If you are unsure of the design or material you wish to select for your event, consult our sales team at 6253 0105 or email us sales@mop.com.sg. You are also welcome to view the t-shirts and our print quality at our sales office located at 1002 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 #05-1413 S319074. We are open from Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm. Please avoid 1230pm – 230pm.

Love, MOP team.

Hi! Welcome back to our continuation of budget pens printing for your event needs. Previously in our cheap pens post, we shared about pen designs that are $0.70 – $0.85 (nett) each. Here in this entry today, we will share about many affordable pens at $0.90 (nett) each.

Our hot-selling favourite among our customers is the NL1612 Metallic Ballpen. It is sleek and professional looking for corporate events.

NL1612 Metallic Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.90 (nett) with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

NL1613 White Barrel Plastic Pen 1000pcs – $0.90 (nett) each with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

A slight twist to the usual white barrel pen, here is a silver barrel pen at the same affordable price, easy on your pocket too.

NL1610 Silver Barrel Plastic Pen 1000pcs – $0.90 (nett) each with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

One of our favourite is the colourful NL1615 Ballpen in Solid Colour. It comes in 6 eye-catching and vibrant colours that make it hard for the youngsters to resist. If your brand is cheery and youthful, this is the pen design for you.

NL1615 Solid Colour Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.90 (nett) with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

NL2831 Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.90 (nett) each with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

We have come to the end of our budget pen series, and we hope the two posts are useful for you. If you have a budget to work with, do share it with our sales team and they will be glad to help you with it.

Email us at sales@mop.com.sg or call us 6253 0106, tell us what product you have selected on our website and we will assist you in clearing any questions you have. Our friendly sales team will walk you through our ordering procedure, easy and fuss-free!

Love, MOP team

Looking for cheap pens printing for events and have a tight budget to meet? Today, we would like to share about some cheap pens that are affordable and popular in our catalog. These pens colours in many designs and colours.

If you are looking for budget pens with a budget of less than $1.00 each with a one colour logo print, here is the right page! Some of the cheapest pen series available in our catalogue are the following:

NL2885 Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.70 (nett) each  with 1 colour logo printing *click to enter product*

NL2840 Twist Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.70 (nett) each with 1 colour logo printing *click to enter product*

If you have a little more budget to work with, here are the pens that cost $0.85 (nett) each with 1 colour print.

NL1611 White Barrel Pen 1000pcs – $0.85 (nett) each with 1 colour logo print *click to enter product*

The NL1611 White Barrel Pen makes a good promotion gift as any colour can be printed on the white plastic body of the pen. Make your logo stand out by choosing a white barrel pen.

Here are the other more colourful cheap pens options that will cost you only $0.85 (nett) each with 1 colour logo print.

NL5033 Plastic Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.85 (nett) each with 1 colour logo printing *click to enter product*

Nl2881 Imac Ballpen 1000pcs – $0.85 (nett) each with 1 colour logo printing *click to enter product*

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for your easy selection. Our next blogpost will be a continuation of cheap pens as we add in more designs to our catalogue.

Click here to view other affordable pens we offer for your event needs.

With Love, MOP Team