About Ministry of Print


Ministry of Print is the best and most reliable T-shirt printer in Singapore.

We believe in providing quality apparels for our clients who are looking for trusted brands and reliable products. Our vision is to provide quality products & services for end-users in mind and heart. With our impeccable service, we aim to deliver T-shirts of superior quality and ensure that our clients receive their T-shirts with satisfaction. Our sales team is dedicated and meticulous in processing orders, paying attention to details and ensuring each and every client is happy with both our service and printed T-shirts.

Being in the t-shirt printing industry for many years, we offer one of the widest selection of t-shirts for printing in Singapore and are experts in the various t-shirt printing methods. You can be assured that your printed t-shirts will not just be of great quality, but also are available at affordable prices.

Our team of dedicated sales coordinators handles a huge flow of incoming emails and walk-in customers daily. Not forgetting the ever-ringing phone line. Sometimes they stay back for long hours just to make sure T-shirts are nicely printed and packed before we send them for delivery. Let us print your t-shirt now!

Still not convinced? These are some tips on how to choose a t-shirt printer in Singapore.