2020 Dad’s day celebration!

With father’s day coming around, every daughter/son is preparing a unique gift for their dad. (What?! You dunno which day is it? Well, the calendar is just beside you).  Anyway, in case you’re struggling with what to get for your dearest dad!  We’ve curated a range of collections for your consideration. You’re welcome. ! LOL

Now, Let’s take a look at them!

Top 1 Coffee mug

The coffee mug has never been out of the historical stage in terms of expressing love and appreciation! It’s not only a practical gift but also a very heart-warming one! You can either put a few sentences on it or group photos, whatever you like! We can transfer any of your ideas onto the mug, trust me, the result is fabulous!

Top 2 Personalized T-shirt

Well, this one is pretty self-evident! Similar to the mug, it’s a very useful present, Coz’ it can be worn everyday., comfy and stylish!  Simultaneously, it can be SUPER interesting as well!  You can literally draw anything on it by yourself! But, of course, if you’re not a kind of hands-on person, we’re here to help! Simply let us know your concepts and we’ll turn it into reality! It’s a traditional way to show your love but also a very creative way to capture the memorable & hilarious moment that only you guys know about it. Even though it’s an embarrassing one! In a word, it’s the best gift ever!

Top 3 Resistance band

Well, this is a gift for those cool dads who are a gym rat! However, in light of the current situation, the gym seems unlikely to reopen anytime soon!   But, don’t worry, with this portable resistance band, your dad could work out anywhere, anytime! I bet your old man would crazy about it! Woo, It’s gonna be a “ perspiration” gift!  What’s more, our personalization service enables your present even more special by printing names on it! Chop Chop, get your dad one right now!

Top 4 Classic metal pens

As the saying goes, to hold a pen is to be at war!  Therefore, a high-quality and classic metal pen is indispensable!  It’s more than just a pen! It’s also a media to show your caring to your dad and you can even print a joke on it, I bet it’ll make his day! What a jolly good idea!

Top 5 Documentary bag

How long haven’t you take a good look at your old man’s laptop bag?  It must be old and weary.  Well, worry-free! This documentary bag is for those highly organized dads!  It can put a laptop, two independent compartments for essential items, and documents.  

If none of them are attractive to you, no hurry, CLICK the link below for infinite choices.   https://www.mop.com.sg/

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