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Hello guys! Here are some pictures of the behind the scenes of Xiaxue’s Guide to Life on T-shirt Printing!

Roy introducing the silkscreen board and how it is used. Silkscreen printing is most recommended for bulk printing, so if you are looking to print your class t-shirts or corporate t-shirts, silkscreen printing is the most common option.

Keon positioning the silkscreen board onto the body of the t-shirt. This is to ensure that the position of the image printed is as accurate as possible.

It’s Xiaxue’s turn to print her very own t-shirt!

Almost complete!

Oh yay look at the nicely printed t-shirts! Awesome or what.

Keon and Xiaxue posing for the camera with their freshly printed t-shirts!

Each t-shirt is hand-printed and made with lots of patience. A lot of effort and time are needed to print a t-shirt, ensuring that the silkscreen board is done perfectly and the printing is done smoothly. Now you know t-shirt printing is no mean feat!

Anyway, the method of t-shirt printing featured in the video is called Silkscreen Printing. There are many other types of t-shirt printing methods you can opt for. You can check out the various ways of t-shirt printing here. If you are unsure of the method, fret not, as our professional sales coordinators will recommend the best t-shirt printing method most suitable and cost-efficient for your t-shirts! Drop us an email at [email protected] today to know more about printing your t-shirts!

– Behind the Scenes by UrbanDoll.

Xiaxue’s Guide To Life Video is finally out!

This exclusive video features Xiaxue at Ministry of Print where she learns how to professionally print her T-shirt. did a great job putting this together 🙂

check out for more details. You stand to win a T-Shirt personally printed by Xiaxue and $50 Ministry of Print voucher!

Part 1 of the video: Comparison between Silkscreen printing and Digital Transfer

Part 2 of the video: The process of creating the Silkscreen Template which involves:
1) coating of emulsion on silkscreen board
2) Burning of Silkscreen Board
3)Washing of silkscreen board

Part 3 of the video: The process of printing the T-Shirt using Silkscreen Ink

Part 4: Competition Details