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T-Shirt Printing in Singapore : Ministry of Print

Hello there! You have just landed on the top t-shirt printing company in Singapore, Ministry of Print. When it comes to t-shirts, we don’t just print them like what normal t-shirt printers do. We look into your t-shirt requirements and make sure we give you nothing less than a quality piece of printed t-shirt. From customising your apparel to printing your t-shirt design, our dedicated team of staff coordinate with each other in the most efficient manner to make sure your t-shirts turns out well and on time. You don’t even have to worry that the t-shirts turn out to be different from what you expect as we at Ministry of Print, gives you value added services by showing you in digital format how your t-shirt design will look like before we print. We have been through what our customers experienced elsewhere and so we are here to make things easier and affordable for you! We love t-shirts, and when we print it for you, we want you to love it as well. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your experience here at Ministry of Print!

Print your T-Shirt in 3 Steps